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Custom Tailored Production Studio that Offers On-Site Production Space
and Off-Site Event Rentals & Services

Film Sets

Choose from a variety of standing film sets at our location.

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Equipment Rentals & Services

Get production support on your upcoming event.

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Event Space

Book your next Event @ TheLAB and create a unique and memorable show.

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Film Sets

12,000 sqft. of film sets outfitted with modular furnishings, movable walls and customizable lighting.


Automated Lighting System allows you to change looks with a push of a button. Additional lighting fixtures/atmospherics and technicians also available by request to get the most production value out of your shoot.


Many of the sets are designed to be moved around, including furniture that can be assembled in different shapes, movable walls, stages, and even the main bar. 
Multiple looks can be achieved in each room.


No typical site reps here,  all of our staff hail from production backgrounds and know the meaning of teamwork.  Having knowledgeable and pro-active site reps makes a huge difference in the outcome of your time spent on production day.

On-Site Equipment Rental House

Although it is always recommended to reserve equipment and services ahead of time. Sometimes you just don’t know until you are in it! We have saved numerous productions time, money and headaches by having a variety of gear and services available on a whim’s notice.

On-Site & Off-Site

Equipment Rentals & Services

We offer anything from speakers for your next DJ gig to conceptualizing, designing, coordinating, and executing your next festival. This is where it all began. Allow us to provide the gear and support your event needs.


Choose from our inventory of microphones, speakers, mixers, and you’ll be on your way in no time.
Or allow us to recommend a suitable setup for your application and take out the guesswork.


Anything from pyro-technic fire blasts to fully motorized light shows. These days the visual aspects of any event is what we take home with us. Give them something to remember.


Whether it’s drum risers, dance platforms, or full backline stages we will make sure your stage makes impact. No clunky old wooden stages here.


Projectors, Flat Screens, iMag, and Video Walls. We know how critical video is with events today. Our team will ask the right questions and provide the best answers.


Event Venue Space

Coming 2019

Got specific needs, let us know.

Gallery Tour

Take the gallery tour from shots composed of shots from our facility

Main Stage

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Main Stage Bar

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Main Stage Lounge

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Rouge Lounge

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